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Kathy Phelps has over 30 years of practice as a lawyer in bankruptcy law and fraud litigation, has spoken and written widely on a broad range of fraud and bankruptcy related matters, and has co-written The Ponzi Book: A Legal Resource for Unraveling Ponzi Schemes.

Her experience makes her the ideal lawyer and keynote speaker on all issues relating to fraud, due diligence, compliance, and Ponzi schemes.

Kathy brings her years of practical experience in the administration of Ponzi scheme cases and her extensive knowledge of the law in this area to provide invaluable assistance and insight to investors, brokerage firms, financial institutions, attorneys, accountants, and other businesses of how to avoid getting involved in a Ponzi or other fraudulent scheme and what due diligence steps to take. She has literally “written the book” on Ponzi schemes and is the go to expert on all issues relating to Ponzi schemes.

Kathy has now also written a practical guide for investors and others containing specific tools and due diligence questions to ask, and insights into the marketing and sales tactics employed by the Ponzi perpetrator or other fraudster. The book, entitled, Ponzi Proof Your Investments: An Investor’s Guide to Avoid Ponzi Schemes, will be released soon.

Kathy speaks to hundreds of professionals, lawyers, accountants, bankers, financial advisors, investors, and others about mandatory due diligence and red flag warnings that simply cannot be ignored. With her practical and insightful tips, highlighted by real life examples of what works and what doesn’t, individuals and firms can avoid millions of dollars in liability damages or lost investments. Kathy shares the facts and interesting stories that are occurring in Ponzi cases around us, along with the legal decisions being published daily that continue to shape the law in this area.

Kathy takes a subject that is otherwise frightening and overwhelming and makes it understandable, manageable, and even entertaining, as she relates the stories from some of the larger and smaller frauds happening all around us. The stories themselves are unbelievable, often comical in their absurdity, but nothing beats the educational value of hearing what went wrong for others and how to avoid the problems yourself.

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Los Angeles, California
Ponzi Proof Your Investments:
An Investor’s Guide to
Avoiding Ponzi Schemes
The Ponzi Book:
A Legal Resource for
Unraveling Ponzi Schemes

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